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A Detox Salt Scrubs- Hands& Feet Treatment

A Detox Salt Scrubs- Hands& Feet Treatment

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Hand and Feet and Legs-

 Exfoliates dead skin and calluses from the feet and hands. The perfect after shave solution. Noticebly soft buttery legs. Avoid applying unto cuts- this is Epsom salt it may sting. Avoid water going into product. It may change the effectiveness of the product, and water containing bacteris can minimize shelf life.

 •Shea Coconut Vanilla- Spa Feel Relaxation On Your Feet
•Lavender Vanilla: Calming relaxation, guaranteed to bring you soothing relief

Our salts are very moisturizing. Melts right into your skin. PURCHASE OUR PUMICE SCRUBBER FOR PERFECT HEELS. Pairs well with our Body Balm- its like chapstick for your heels.

Exterior Use Only

**Allergy Disclosure: If you have allergies to Almonds or Jojoba Oils… Please try a small amount in area on arm, before fully applying anywhere else**


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